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it was

actually cool .. :3 .. nicely done..

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L3pra responds:


not really,

like the first.. the first was more awesome.. i dunno.. maybe it wasn't my kind of humor.. or maybe i'm saying this because yotam perel was in the first.. well.. i dunno..

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the animation was good, but..

i think that the storyline was a bit confusing.. how did the scared guy get out of prison with the help of that girl? couldn't he have used his powers in his own? i didn't get the whole tortured person thing, and then the germans came out of nowhere.. and then the girl fell, and then the germans ran away and then the girl got ressurected.. like.. i don't get any of this.. the storyline is too confusing.. i think that you think the storyline is pretty clear because you know it better, but for us is really hard.. oh.. about the fights..they were a bit too short for my taste.. i dunno.. they were too repetitive.. like in every fight there is one dude who manages to only punch the protagonist and then gets shot.. i liked the variations of characters and all, but.. dunno.. trying to help :P try making more varied fighting characters and longer fights and the storyline much clearer.. complicated isn't always better..

Indeimaus responds:

Yeah, next one is going to be alot more fast paced / action. I've got it all planned out and characters are being drawn up.

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What is this? I think you're overreacting with the whole Dot Dot Dot thing..it was a cool animation and all..but please..let it die already..


finnaly out!! you did a pretty good job with it :> ... i turned out great.. i like the design most of all.. keep up the good work..

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3D-xelu responds:

thanks... yeah i'm that kind of DESIGN MANIAC :)) thanks again

great animation, but

was the rape theme really necesary? not to say i'm offended or anything, but rapes just don't do it for me..

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creativet, but

.. not original.. someone already did it with counterstrike sounds.. but it was a unique piece of work and i apreciate the effort.. :3

Keep it up,

good song

very nice vibes.. but the drums sorta sound like Clubbed to Death.. did it inspire you?
anyways.. great song.. very touching.. the drums don't add up too much, but it's a nice touch.. ;)

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