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2010-12-17 02:59:44 by blaalb

Haven't posted in 2 what?

Working on a flash based.. TAAAAAAAAAAAAAABLEEEEEEET!!!

2009-05-30 14:21:06 by blaalb

Just got a tablet!! Expect my first animations.. XD XD XD


I don't really know how long it's gonna take me, but I hope it's going to turn out great.. It's based on my friends and me and will have some special moves..

Game Progress:

Concept finished: 20%
Programming finished: 0%
Art finished: 0%

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More fun!!

2008-07-29 02:49:22 by blaalb

I need more fun!! XD
but can't get too much until i enter in college :*(
eh.. well until then have fun this summer!! XD
see ya next time.. oh.. here are a few linkz:
Maverick Team Official Site

And here is a video.. :3

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New Site Available!!

2008-05-10 10:43:49 by blaalb

Today i just finished my persoanl site.. i'm so excited.. thought i would never finish it..
Here it is.. xD

Tragiccomedy Site

No vid this time..
But here's a pic of me working last night on finishing the site..

New Site Available!!

hm.. update? O.o

2008-04-29 02:27:15 by blaalb

Well.. i thought i'd update this [the 3rd time this month]..
Things are pretty slow, being in my last year at school and all.. I know one thing! I wont miss those "sweet" years at high school.. Why you ask? Because i didn't feel good during those 4 years.. it was pretty lame; my coleagues, the teacher, all!! Well.. i'll be glad when the exams pass.. i shall be a free man and i will be able to concentrate on stuff that i really like :3 ..
So, that's it from me.. see ya! ;)

P.S. I started to learn and work on a platform game >:3 .. [ there isn't a date when it will be out so wait for it ^^ ]

The photo is kinda lame.. >.>

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hm.. update? O.o

Today is Easter!!

2008-04-27 14:23:41 by blaalb

In the christian-ortodox religion today is Easter!! so.. Happy Easter to one and all!! xD

[ no photo this time :3 ]

Maverick Team Site is out!!

2008-04-16 13:34:14 by blaalb

damn you all!! it's finnaly here!! it's finnaly here after hours of work..
Maverick Team Official Site
So.. whatcha think?

Maverick Team Site is out!!

I never thought i would come to this..

2008-04-15 07:41:27 by blaalb

But in a way i'm glad that it did..

*cough* *cough* Quote:

You have been banned from submitting reviews for the next 4 days.
This is a result of the review you left for Awesome Video Games Ep29 on 4/13/08 at 10:53:40 AM:

Score: 1 / 10
Summary: yet again on the frontpage
Review: i sincerly think that the person who picks the frontpage features is either an easly amused idiot or a kid with no life who thinks youtube crap is "cool" on newgrounds.. please make room on the frontpage for really good stuff, not a movie embeded in flash with a few flashy effects.. damn, newgrounds is seriously falling to bits..
1/10 for the flash effort.. >.>

The moderator Malachy gave the following reason for the ban:

"Author's don't have any control over where their submission is placed, and thus, where it is on the site doesn't belong in your reviews."

...because it made me realise a very important aspect about Newgrounds.
Really.. was my review that bad? ain't i right? aren't i supposed to express in my review what the submision ment to me? i really don't think that "thing" should be on the frontpage.. it's pure crap..
Well.. i thought that on newgrounds there aren't asshole-mods like on other sites, but i was proved the contrary..
I hope i don't get banned for this news post.. that would be really "cool"..

In other news i finnaly finished my team's site.. Maverick Team [the only thing left to update is the Video Archive wich i'm working right now in Flash]
MVK Site
See ya.. ;)


I never thought i would come to this..

I wish i could be like you guys..

2008-02-25 16:26:52 by blaalb

My life dream was to make flash, but those dreams are slowly fadeing away.. I started "making" flash since i was 14, but those ended up in idiotic desarters, because i was drawing with a mouse, had no internet, had practicaly nothing.. Don't get me wrong.. i can draw and my mom could probably afford a tablet, but .. i don't know .. i have so many stuff to do this year .. I'm in my last year at high school, exams, girlfriend, friends, study for college and training in parkour .. plus i'm working now on two projects: my personal site and a comercial site .. I wish i could have the time and/or the talent that you guys have in flash .. I envy you guys so much .. I always wanted to animate things, to give messages trough my animations and to fool around..
*sigh again*
Now my life going to a stage were i need to focus on a carrier and future life doesn't leave me enough time to animate [or study animation] .. Those of you who can, please! don't stop!! if you're not doing a pretty good job, practice! don't give up like me ..
I wish i wouldn't have given up flash .. The games i made were made in swishMAX .. the only program i'm good in besides PS ..
*deep sigh*
Well at least i'm not alone .. At least i have a person who always supports me in all i do ..
Hope you guys will do a better job that me ..

Till next time here is a pic of me that i modified a bit in PS .. shot with my webcam [ i didn't have a camera back then ] Hope you like it .. Bye..... >.>

I wish i could be like you guys..

Well ..

2008-02-12 14:25:47 by blaalb

It was about time i posted something, and i thought i should remake my first submision, the stickman dressup game .. wich i did .. i'm pretty satisfied with it, learned a few new stuff .. uhm .. i don't actualy work in flash.. i work in Swish.. ^_^ .. well hope you like it!
Go play it!!

P.S. Ignore the link in the image!!

Well ..